Neurotic Media helps brands influence consumer behavior using popular artists and songs

Music moves us. It makes us dance, sing, laugh, and sometimes even cry. Music is a powerful driver of perception and action. Brands who harness the power of music can do extraordinary things. They can change brand perception, win hearts and minds, drive loyalty – and ultimately, drive dollars. We offer brands Music That Moves.

Catalog Curation

We curate the moments in which media drives action

It all starts with quality content. Leveraging our partnerships with content owners, we work with you to curate your offering for your unique “Brand Voice” – and to ensure you make a strong lifestyle connection with your audience.

Streaming Subscriptions

Custom On-Demand Music Subscription Services

We private-label iOS and Android apps for some customers, and power other customers’ own apps with our API suite. We curate your streaming service based on your target audience, goals, and strategy to meet your unique needs – including playlists, recommendations and promotions.

Download Stores

Music shop services for online and brick & mortar merchants

Our mobile-first download and locker services are unmatched. You may host an entire site with us, or use our API suite to weave us behind your own shopping cart and CMS.

Incentives and Rewards

Code Redemption Campaigns for cross-promotions, incentives and rewards

Add music rewards to your program and watch your reward points fly! 80% of people choose music downloads over other forms of rewards and gifts. We’ve powered over half a billion PIN codes for music incentives in recent years – on-pack/in-pack, incentives, rewards, value-adds and MDFs.

Record Company Services

Mobile-first promotions and rewards

Imagine a vinyl album gift-with-purchase insert that allows your shopper to scan a QR code while walking from the record store to their car, redeem your unique PIN code, and listen to your album via their phone on route home.
For over a decade, we have served major and indie record companies with mini-sites for priority artist promotions and with broad-catalog rewards sites for their brand partners. Our mobile-first solutions enable a la carte promo delivery to any device without any need for an app install. You may use custom, random, or no reward codes at all. And all activity is backed by our trusted and proven reporting system.

Custom Solutions

Creative design, merchandising, licensing, software development, and marketing strategy

Our vast experience and expertise allow us to share best practices that our customers leverage to mitigate risk, reduce cost, speed time to market, and increase their return on investment. Call us, we look forward to learning about your company and project!

Let’s talk

If you represent a brand or a company, contact us today to learn more about what you can do using our platform.

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