The most popular thing in the world

Earlier this week I was on the phone with a new business contact, a poteGary Eatonntial client to be exact. We were talking about his business, how we might work together, etc.

As often happens, the conversation turned to the universal appeal and power of music and he quickly said “It’s the most popular thing in the world.”  I told him that was a great line and that I’d probably have to use it at some point in the future.

The person I was speaking with went on to explain that he couldn’t take credit for the line, that he had in fact heard it in an interview with Donald Trump.  He said when Mr. Trump was asked “What is the most popular thing in the world?” that he gave a one word answer “Music.”

Sure enough, I found a clip online. Not sure how I missed this but it’s from 2004 in a sit down with Ali G (a character played by Sacha Baron Cohen). In true comedic form, Ali G goes on to argue that the correct answer is ice cream.  Sorry Ali G, I’m going to have to side with Mr. Trump on this one.

(Gary Eaton – VP Sales / @garyeaton)

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