Steve Jobs

The announcement came yesterday. Steve Jobs retired. 

I still have the first iPod that I ever bought.  It’s a big, old 30gb early generation version – and you know what?  It changed my life. I have to admit, I was initially resistant to making the transition, but that didn’t last long. I already had a huge music collection – literally thousands of CD’s. After I bought my iPod, I spent enormous chunks of time ripping my collection into iTunes. Having access to an enormous collection of music everywhere I went was, and still is an absolute joy. 

It’s easy to take for granted the impact that Apple has had on pop culture and society at large. iPods and iTunes have become so much a part of the landscape that we don’t even notice them anymore. 

Steve Jobs and Apple changed the world, turned industries upside down and delivered products that were easy and fun to use. Thank you for your leadership, vision, innovation and inspiration Mr. Jobs. My world – and so many others is a better place because of you. (Gary Eaton, Neurotic Media VP of Sales)

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