Startup Academy Hailed a Success!

Neurotic Media sponsored “Music Startup Academy” event in Atlanta was hailed a success by both attendees and panelists.

Here’s what panelists had to say:

Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman’s keynote speech

I was incredibly impressed with what you and Bill put together. The speakers were top notch and the audience was one of the most knowledgeable and engaged I’ve seen in some time.”  Christopher Read, Vice President, Sony DADC

“I had a fantastic time, and was very impressed with the turn out. The attendees seemed much more engaged than your typical music conference panel attendees. I’ve already recommended the conference to a number of colleagues.”  Shawn Nolan, Jonathan E. Leonard, P.C. 

“Of all the panels I’ve spoken on and events I’ve attended, I must say that this Music Startup Academy was top notch and one of the best I’ve ever participated on. You can call on me anytime. Congratulations!”  Peniece M. Le Gall, Director, Writer/Publisher Relations, SESAC


We want to thank all participants, partners and sponsors for making the first Atlanta Music Startup Academy such a successful event!  The show of hands in the auditorium was overwhelmingly that of “Entrepreneurs” even as registrations included members of TAG, AMA, NARIP, students, and more – a diverse crowd, all sharing a passion for the music business and wanting to get involved one way or another with their present or future endeavors.

Shachar Oren Moderates

Shachar Oren Moderates Music Business 101

It was a very energetic day: Starting with Jeff Hoffman’s powerful keynote speech in the morning (which everybody kept talking about all day…), and on through Jon Belliotti’s (Coke) exciting keynote speech in the afternoon, Dr. Gil Weinberg’s (GA Tech) powerful high-tech presentation, and all of the informative panels – it was truly a wonderful event. Even the energy during the lunch break was palpable.

I want to encourage attendees to visit the event’s marketing partners and learn more about each organization’s value proposition for you as an entrepreneur. At minimum, I recommend signing up to the free email list each organization has. And of course, once you see the value in the networking and educational activities each offers, do become a member.

Bill Wilson moderates Supply Chain panel

Bill Wilson moderates Supply Chain panel

Thank you co-sponsors MailChimp and MUSEAIC Labs… thank you GTRI for hosting us… and, in closing, I want to thank the Music Biz team for helping me coordinate this day and make it a reality – thank you Bill, Pat, and Nicole…


You were ALL a pleasure to work with!

(Shachar Oren, CEO).


For an agenda reminder you can always reference this blog post.


We hope to have some videos to post up soon too.




Nikki Barjon's Music & Brands panel

Nikki Barjon’s Music and Brands panel

Lisa Love's Startups Experiences panel

Lisa Love’s Startups Experiences panel


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