Soundtrack for Fall

The leavesSoundtrack for Fall are starting to turn yellow, orange and red here in Atlanta. The sun is setting a little earlier every day and the air is crisp. It’s Fall. Without question, my favorite time of year.

And since 1992, every year around this time, there’s one album in particular that moves to heavy rotation on my playlist. There was no “hit single” or chart topping activity, but it’s remained a favorite of mine since it was released. Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” is my annual soundtrack for Fall. Something about Neil’s trademark vocal delivery and the primarily acoustic arrangements just seem to speak to me on a personal level during this season. The production feels earthy, the guitars are crisp and the harmonies by Nicolette Larson, Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor are laid back, soft and gentle. For me, the Fall season just isn’t complete without several listens to this album in its entirety, especially the title track. If you’re not familiar with “Harvest Moon” you can click here for previews. Who knows, it may become a seasonal soundtrack of your own.

This speaks to something that is instinctive: Music is personal to each of us. It’s important. It matters. We’re all moved by music of some kind – we’re just often listening to different soundtracks.

How about you? Are there specific albums that move you this time of year?

(Gary Eaton – Neurotic Media VP Sales)

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