Signing Indie Labels to Hosted Model

ATLANTA, GA – January 13, 2010 – Neurotic Media, the leading provider of online and mobile entertainment download solutions, today announced that it was selected by E1 Entertainment, Madacy Entertainment/Countdown Media, and Curb Records for “Hosted Model” digital distribution services. The “Hosted Model” is a term coined by record companies for a digital distribution model whereby they host their digital catalogs with a vendor (i.e. Neurotic Media) that allows them to control and administer their distribution relationships in the marketplace directly, hands-on, in a self-managed manner. Using Neurotic Media’s do-it-yourself admin platform, content owners such as record companies and distributors manage their digital assets on a project-by-project basis, including both business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) initiatives and direct-to-consumer (D2C) projects.

Content owners use Neurotic Media to launch brand and retail partners quickly using either Neurotic Media’s Neurolinq™ API tools or Neurotic Media’s do-it-yourself, template-based services. Additionally, content owners use Neurotic Media’s platform to execute and manage their in-house needs, such as empowering artist websites’ download stores, widgets, give-away campaigns, and solutions for corporate partners. Neurotic Media’s platform provides its content owner clients with an easy path to increase distribution and sales revenues, a path that has been tested and proven by major record companies since Neurotic Media launched its enterprise-class platform in 2005.

Meredith Marconi, SVP of Sales & Marketing of Neurotic Media, comments: “We’re excited to add marquee independent record companies such as E1 Entertainment, Curb Records, and Madacy Entertainment/Countdown Media to our Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) platform. With the ongoing shift of revenues from physical to digital products, independent record companies are now able to recognize returns from using our system, which in the past were considered only major label domain. Our robust, holistic digital platform offers multiple online and mobile delivery capabilities that touch many departments and initiatives within a record label or distribution company. We are proud to empower leading independent distributors who can now yield strong returns from shifting certain operations, services and programs to the digital domain.”

About Neurotic Media:

Neurotic Media ( is the market leader in online and mobile digital entertainment download solutions. The firm is the digital platform-of-choice in the entertainment download marketplace, used in-house by major and independent record companies, retailers, consumer brands, and marketing agencies to empower private-label download distribution services. Neurotic Media’s Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) platform automates secure digital delivery (Web, Phone, etc.) of top-tier pre-licensed catalogs using turnkey private-labeled websites with integrated consumer data-mining services. Features include do-it-yourself content management services, store building and management tools (both Web and WAP), micro-payment e-commerce and premium SMS sales, unique code redemption services (for gift-with-purchase incentives and loyalty programs), and both online and mobile delivery options for a plethora of digital products and formats.

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