Neurotic Media API Services

ATLANTA, GA – Dec. 19, 2007 – Neurotic Media, the leading provider of white-label digital media download stores and services, today announced the rollout of its Product API (application protocol interface) service, NeuroLinq™. The solution enables online retailers, portals, search engines, and community sites to sell Neurotic Media’s digital catalogs through their existing shopping carts.

With NeuroLinq, digital products are delivered to the consumer from Neurotic Media seamlessly, while allowing the client site to remain the merchant of record. Client sites can choose to upload their own content, or to include Neurotic Media’s pre-licensed catalogs of music, ringtones, and videos from major and independent labels. Digital products can be integrated into any existing store, merged with other offerings, including physical goods, and sold through the store’s existing checkout process. Neurotic Media administers all sales reporting and payments to content owners on behalf of its clients, allowing clients to better focus on their core business and their brand’s interaction with consumers.

“NeuroLinq opens exciting new distribution avenues for Neurotic Media and for the online music business as a whole,” stated Shachar Oren, CEO of Neurotic Media. According to Oren, the creation of NeuroLinq was a natural progression for the company. “Our stores management system allows for a tremendous amount of customization. However, some businesses already have a store infrastructure in place, or seek to integrate digital product sales into existing elements of a portal or a widget. They don’t need a hosted store service but rather seek to integrate downloads into their existing systems. NeuroLinq is a powerful tool that allows such companies to launch download services quickly and economically.”

Two Neurotic Media clients are already utilizing NeuroLinq. The first, Tunaverse™, is an innovative new mobile multi-media software service and music community that provides true remote control of home digital media. Partnered with Neurotic Media, Tunaverse provides MP3s for purchase “on the go,” that automatically download at home. “Neurotic Media’s NeuroLinq is the engine behind our music sales,” said Tunaverse VP Hal Denton. “Integration into our service was easy and seamless.” A second client, SoundLoud, uses NeuroLinq for their SoundLoud SoundStation™ widget, which allows artists to quickly and easily create widget stores for their content and then incorporate them into any existing Web site or community site platform. Shaun Newsum, CEO of SoundLoud, commented: “In my ten years in the IT space, I have worked with many vendors delivering data via XML and other feeds. None were as easy to work with or as robust as the Neurotic Media Product API.”

Hastings Entertainment Download Store

ATLANTA, GA – May 1, 2008 – Neurotic Media, the leading provider of private-label digital media download services today announced the signing of Hastings Entertainment to Amplified Stores, Neurotic Media’s hosted downloads service. The upcoming Hastings Entertainment downloads store will feature pre-licensed multimedia catalogs from major and indie labels – including music MP3s and WMAs, online music video downloads, and ringtones and wallpapers that are delivered to customers’ mobile phones. The service will also support mobile product text-to-shortcode ordering. The Hastings download store is slated for a July launch as part of a broader website re-design by Hastings Entertainment.

According to Hastings’ Director of E-Commerce, Owen Marmaduke, “Hastings Entertainment has always strived to offer consumers a holistic approach to media. We recognize that the rising demand for digital media is causing consumers to look for digital solutions outside of our physical presence. We are working with Neurotic Media to ensure that our customers’ online experience is consistent with our in-store multimedia experience. This will allow us to compete with digital-only brands effectively by leveraging our strongest assets: brick & mortar locations and an established, trusted and highly-valued brand.”

“We are thrilled to be supporting a leading brand like Hastings Entertainment,” said Josh Gertz, Executive Vice President at Neurotic Media. “Hastings is recognized by consumers as a complete source of entertainment goods. We believe that our unique convergence of audio, video and mobile products and services will reinforce and enhance the Hastings Entertainment brand.”

About Hastings Entertainment:

Founded in 1968, Hastings Entertainment, Inc. is a leading multimedia entertainment retailer that combines the sale of new and used CDs, books, videos and video games, as well as trends merchandise, with the rental of videos and video games in a superstore format. They currently operate 153 superstores, averaging approximately 20,000 square feet, primarily in medium-sized markets throughout the United States. They also operate, an e-commerce Internet web site that makes available to their customers new and used entertainment products and unique, contemporary gifts and toys. Hastings Entertainment is a publicly traded company on NASDAQ under the symbol HAST.

About Neurotic Media:

Neurotic Media is the leading media distribution platform and retail store solution for online and mobile content downloads through private-labeled stores. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies for whom we design and implement branded download stores and digital marketing campaigns. We provide hosting, content management, e-commerce, store management, and both online and mobile delivery services for digital music and video products. We offer unique marketing services including data-mining, code redemption, and other proven methodologies that produce measurable consumer responses. Our proprietary “Do-It-Yourself” Software-as-a-Service platform offers our clients hands-on control over all the components of their service, full data transparency, and unique operational scalability. For more information, please visit

Mobile Delivery Services

ATLANTA, GA, USA (April 30, 2007): Neurotic Media, the leading media distribution platform, today announced the addition of mobile delivery to its suite of services. The firm now supports over the air delivery of truetones, images, and dual delivery web/phone offerings via white-label stores and premium SMS services. A unique Tipple Play Consumer Wallet allows consumers to login and interact with their stored account through any means they choose, including online, WAP, and text to shortcode, regardless of which was their first entry point to a store.

“Our clients and partners are familiar with our constant quest for excellence in service, features and capabilities,” said Shachar Oren, president and CEO of Neurotic Media. “In that spirit, we are rolling out mobile support with multiple differentiating features. This is a testament to the strength of our proprietary technology platform and to our commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations while providing measurable results.” Mobile services are now fully integrated into Neurotic Media’s proprietary platform, which allows companies to provision digital catalogs, manage private-label sites, deliver downloads, acquire customers, and manage the resulting data. To deliver a holistic solution, Neurotic Media is working with leading content owners to ingest mobile product catalogs and provision them for client stores.

Over-the-air products will bolster the company’s existing online catalogs, which include pre-licensed catalogs in WMAs and MP3s that can be downloaded to a computer and side-loaded to a hand-set. Neurotic Media’s clients can now create a WAP site in conjunction with each online store, and either use Neurotic Media’s shortcode (31313) or provision their own. Mobile product IDs can be customized per store, including novelty IDs for promotional campaigns. Mobile transcoding and delivery services will be expanded in May with the introduction of additional, new store templates that cover the full gamut of the company’s multi-media offerings.