Pre-Orders With Instant Gratification

We are pleased to announce that we now support album pre-orders with instant gratification download, or “IG” as the record companies call it.  This is a feature that has only been offered by iTunes until now. It involves your ability to pre-sell an album 2-4 weeks before its street date (depending on when the record company makes this available), while providing the consumer a track or two as instant gratification reward on the day of purchase. The rest of the album is then made available to the consumer at midnight on street date (from the “My History” page), and an email is sent to the consumer that day to remind them to come get the rest of the album.

Our content partners claim this feature drives nice sale spikes, so we look forward to working with you on deploying such promotions. While “pre-order” capability is likely to become a common practice on digital albums this Holiday season, a “pre-order with IG” involves specific promotions for very specific titles, where the record company goes out of its way to provide you with the IG opportunity, may it involve the single from the album or even some exclusive B-side track or video that other merchants don’t have.

Neurotic Media will work with you to bridge between your needs and interest and the record companies, and can help present you with special opportunities on a regular basis from record companies who are interested in promoting such special sale events to your unique demographics.

You can view a live example of pre-orders with IG at This feature is available for both Hosted Stores and API stores. API clients will have to code their system to accommodate a few specific changes to the Product Data, which we provide in a separate technical manual for your IT department.

Please work with your Neurotic Media Account Manager on the specifics involved in receiving such promotions from record companies.

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