Neurotic Media Makes Music Social to Drive Awareness and Conversion

Atlanta, GA – March 11, 2011 – Neurotic Media, the leading provider of online and mobile entertainment download solutions, today announced the seamless integration of social sharing tools into store templates, which allows marketers to increase visibility and drive ROI from private-label MP3 download sites. Sharing tags and Facebook “Like” buttons are now featured in each MP3 download store page or mini-site PIN code redemption page built on the Neurotic Media platform. Using these social sharing tools, consumers are able to virally spread the word about branded entertainment download sites and about new music releases on their personal networks, helping marketers maximize the impact of their music and social campaigns.

“The viral power of our integrated social tools, coupled with the consumer data they provide, create major competitive advantages for our clients” says Shachar Oren, Neurotic Media’s CEO. “Like many of our download platform enhancements in the last decade, social sharing ensures that the solutions offered by Neurotic Media continue to lead the private-label music download space.”

The social sharing tools upgrade can now be viewed on Neurotic Media empowered music download stores such as Universe of Faith and on Neurotic Media’s showcase store, Amplified.

About Neurotic Media:

Neurotic Media, the leading provider of technology-enabled marketing and distribution services for digital media, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2011. Neurotic Media’s services afford companies total control over how they commercialize online and mobile downloads of music, videos, ringtones, and other digital media through private-labeled stores and promotional sites. The company’s solutions protect a brand’s interests and consumer data while providing measurable results. Online retailers, consumer brands, agencies, and content owners utilize the company’s data-mining tools, PIN code redemption services, PSMS and e-commerce services, API tools, hosted store CMS, and other proven methodologies supported by the Neurotic Media platform to produce measurable consumer responses and yield strong returns on investment. For more, please visit

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