Neurotic Media Launches Facebook Music Check-In Incentives

Atlanta, GA – April 28, 2011 – Neurotic Media, the leading provider of online and mobile entertainment download solutions, today announced the launch of “Music Check-In Incentives” via private-label mobile sites. Music Check-In Incentives generate brand awareness, encourage in-store (or in-venue) traffic, build consumer loyalty, capture consumer data, and increase sales. Leveraging mobile geo-social marketing, Neurotic Media’s new service allows for action-oriented, trackable cost-per-acquisition metrics.

To use Music Check-In Incentives, consumers visit a brand’s physical location, and while on-location, check in using Facebook on a branded mini-site using their smart phone. They are then immediately rewarded with music MP3 downloads directly to their handset (a single artist promotion, a custom playlist, or X credits to download from a full catalog of millions of songs). The check in process is completed with a custom message from the brand that gets posted on the consumer’s Facebook Wall, informing their friends of the check in location and the reward they received from the brand. “Give people a reason to stop by your business and make a purchase,” says Shachar Oren, Neurotic Media’s CEO, “and remember that your core consumers also influence the purchase decisions of others through word of mouth and through their postings on Facebook.” While initially launched using Facebook, Neurotic Media’s Mobile Check-In Incentives can utilize geo-location technologies from other social networks.

“We are excited to launch this innovation, which reaffirms our commitment to helping our clients stay in synch with how their consumers interact with social media, technology, and brand,” adds Oren. “Our Music Check-In Incentives are like a musical “Facebook Deal,” an incentive with high perceived value that grants a brand the power to acquire and retain consumers. In the eyes of consumers, the perceived value of music is often greater than cash rewards or other forms of incentives. Our new check in service can generate exposure for our clients, communicate great value about their brand, and help them reach new and existing consumers with a reward everyone loves: The gift of music.”

An example of the new Music Check-In Incentive can be seen on Neurotic Media’s showcase store’s mobile HTML5 site,, which incorporates a “Check In” button into the user experience.

About Neurotic Media:

Neurotic Media, the leading provider of technology-enabled marketing and distribution services for digital media, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2011. Neurotic Media’s services afford companies total control over how they commercialize online and mobile downloads of music, videos, ringtones, and other licensed and aggregated digital media through private-labeled stores, promotional sites, and open API services. The company’s solutions protect a brand’s interests and consumer data while providing measurable results. Clients include online retailers, record companies, consumer brands, and mobile carriers.

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