Neurotic Media Expands Open API Services

Atlanta, GA – January 19, 2012 – Neurotic Media, the market leader in driving consumer behavior using popular artists and songs, today announced the launch of Neurolinq™ PLUS, a new suite of open Application Protocol Interface (API) services that complements its existing API solutions with enhanced services. Neurolinq™ PLUS API enables developers to source Neurotic Media’s licensed music catalogs, which include millions of MP3s and their metadata – together with e-commerce services and reward points services. In addition, Neurolinq™ PLUS API enhances the metadata by providing Wikipedia artist bios, artist Twitter feeds, artist social media and website URLs, and artist and product recommendations driven by consumer behavior and buying pattern. Neurolinq™ PLUS API also allows developers to use Neurotic Media’s Content Management System (CMS) to merchandise their creation, may that be a website, or a mobile app. The result is a robust end-to-end service that can be used in whole or in parts to achieve one’s business and marketing strategy with an economy of scale.

“Neurotic Media was the first service to launch an open API developer lab as a resource for music site developers with – and we armed hundreds of coders with the ability to create services that access a robust music catalog” say Shachar Oren, Neurotic Media’s CEO. “With the addition of Neurolinq™ PLUS API, we make it even easier to code rich apps and widgets.”

“Neurolinq™ PLUS’s elegancy is in aggregating multiple rich media sources into one simple method,” adds Tim Kohler, Neurotic Media’s VP of Technology. “Instead of having to integrate multiple feeds from multiple sources, developers can simply integrate Neurolinq™ PLUS as one robust solution that powers their service’s back end, while focusing their efforts on their core business and user experience. Neurolinq™ PLUS offers both RESTful and SOAP calls for added flexibility. You can see an example of this in our own mobile showcase at (which in itself is a “client” of Neurolinq™ PLUS) and in our online showcase at”

About Neurotic Media:

Neurotic Media, the leading provider of technology-enabled marketing and distribution services for digital media, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2011. Neurotic Media’s services afford companies total control over how they commercialize online and mobile downloads of music, ringtones, and other licensed and aggregated digital media through private-labeled stores, promotional sites, and open API services. The company’s solutions protect a brand’s interests and consumer data while providing measurable results. Clients include online retailers, record companies, consumer brands, and mobile carriers.

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