Music Startup Academy video coverage

Atlanta’s first Music Startup Academy, which Neurotic Media produced in October 2013 in cooperation with The Music Business Association, was videotaped courtesy of David Seeney and Neon Giant. Several sessions from that productive day are now available at the new Neurotic Media YouTube Channel.

Keynote: Jeff Hoffman’s engaging (and highly praised) Keynote speech is now available for your viewing pleasure. Jeff Hoffman is the co-founder of Colorjar; a serial entrepreneur, including founder and CEO of and producer of the hit horror film Cabin Fever; and an Adviser to The National Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

In addition, the two early sessions have been posted:


Music Business 101: Content Ownership And Monetization

The music business at its core is not about selling CDs, downloads, or subscriptions, but about selling intellectual property – IP – in various configurations and monetization schemes. However music is packaged, presented and sold, there are several stakeholders with legal rights to portion of the revenue. In Music Business 101 we will cover the basics of IP ownership and how the different parties interact with one another and with other segments of the industry.

  •  Moderator: Shachar Oren, Neurotic Media
  • David Barbe, University of Georgia Music Business Program
  • Yi Ping Ho, Warner Music Group
  • Peniece M. LeGall, SESAC
  • Shawn Nolan, Jonathan E. Leonard, P.C.


The Digital Supply Chain: How To Source Music Digitally

Offering licensed music in a store, an app, or a subscription utility involve a lot more than just negotiating and signing a license contract. On the heels of such an achievement, a new business needs to consider the operational aspects of content ingestion and maintenance. There are multiple options available, from doing it all yourself to outsourcing it to a vendor. We will address the basic concepts and action points involved and how they affect your bottom line.

  • Moderator: Bill Wilson, MusicBiz
  • Alison Booth, Sony Nashville
  • Todd Jones, Neurotic Media
  • Christopher Read, Sony DADC


More sessions should be posted soon.


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