Music Redemption Campaign Insights

Having analyzed thousands of music redemption campaigns, we summarized our key findings and provided actionable insights for stakeholders in the following Infographic.

We are proud to release this first of its kind “Music Redemption Campaign Insights” summary – a document that covers nine years of work, over 1,600 campaigns, and over 500MM music reward codes. Our analysis extracted valuable findings for key stakeholders in the industry, and it provides actionable insights to marketers and decision makers.

We divided our work in the music incentives and rewards category into three distinct areas: Artist and Music Product Campaigns, Consumer Brands and Marketers, and Loyalty and Affinity Programs. The hundreds of campaigns analyzed have covered a broad range of catalog providers, genres and artists – and on the side of consumer brands and services, various markets. The resulting data allowed for the recognition of meaningful averages and important trends. Our resulting insights summary is as follows.

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Neurotic Media's Music Redemption Campaign Insights


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