Mistletoe, music and memories

Music is clearly an important part of the Holiday season. It’s the one time of year when millions of us all across the nation are living our lives to a shared or similar soundtrack. And with those “songs of the season” come memories.Gary Eaton

As a personal example, every time I hear one particular Holiday song, I am immediately taken back to my Indiana childhood, probably around the age of 8 or 10. In this instance, the memory is of gray winter skies, snow on the ground and me standing in the hallway (in my pajamas I might add) looking into the living room with the Christmas tree in full view.

The song that evokes these memories is “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” by Glen Campbell. The funny thing is, it’s not my favorite Christmas song – it’s not even my favorite version of this song. But it is one that has some of the most powerful, vivid memories associated with it.

I’m sure you have your own examples as well. These types of experiences are one of the reasons why Holiday music can be such an effective part of a brand’s promotional strategy. There’s an opportunity to tap in to the nostalgic holiday memories of consumers and/or create new memories for them as well. I don’t know if the value of that can even be measured, but I do know that music moves all of us – especially during the Holiday season.

(Gary Eaton – VP Sales Neurotic Media / @garyeaton)

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