Loudtrax Increases Its Focused Catalog

ATLANTA, GA – Can you hear that? It’s Loudtrax (www.loudtrax.com), a music download website that aims to become the default online destination for lovers of Rock, Metal and Punk music. Loudtrax today announced that it has partnered with Neurotic Media, the leading provider of online and mobile entertainment download solutions, to offer Loudtrax fans download catalogs from Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA) and other major and indie labels.

Loudtrax has integrated Neurotic Media’s NeuroLinq Product API (application protocol interface) into its site, which enables Loudtrax to seamlessly sell a vast MP3 catalog through its own designed and controlled e-commerce site while Neurotic Media administers all licensing, hosting, delivery, and content owner reporting and payment requirements on the back-end. In working with Neurotic Media, Loudtrax has gained access to niche labels through ADA, one of the leading distributors of digital independent music in America with strong offerings in the genres that are of interest to Loudtrax.

While there are currently hundreds of download sites in the USA, none of them have catered their services specifically to the fans of rock, metal and punk – until now. Loudtrax provides fans a focused browsing and shopping experience, boasting twenty two sub genres – Classic Rock, Punk, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Post Punk, Indie Rock, etc. – sub-genres that target a specific, large segment of the music buying audience. Fans of each sub-genre can browse the well-curated store knowing that they will only find artists that fit their selected genre – including Featured Releases, New Releases, and other unique features which Loudtrax plans to develop to target the Rock, Metal, and Punk community. Artists have the opportunity to be more accessible to their fans and to new audiences by being placed in their correct genre, as opposed to being placed in a general “Rock”, “Metal” or a broad “Alternative” category. By carefully catering to their sub-genre demographics, Loudtrax plan to become a favorite destination for LOUD music fans.

“We are thrilled to empower MP3 stores for brand marketers like Loudtrax,” says Meredith Marconi, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Neurotic Media. “Consumers have grown savvier about their digital music purchases, and buying from the biggest site with the most tracks isn’t what matters most. The discriminating music consumer wants to have a more intimate experience that is tailored to their unique persona, and that is exactly what Loudtrax delivers.”

“Signing on with Neurotic Media and gaining access to incredible catalogs through their technology-enabled service is vital to our business. Although we place a great deal of importance on the indie and unsigned artists, having access to Major label artists offers a perfect way for fans to discover new up and coming artists, while also finding their all-time favorites and bigger name artists in our store,” says Antonio Marsillo, President of LoudTrax.com.

About Neurotic Media:

Neurotic Media is the leading provider of technology-enabled marketing and distribution services for digital media. Neurotic Media’s services afford companies total control over how they commercialize online and mobile downloads of music, videos, ringtones, and other digital media through private-labeled stores and promotional sites. Specifically, Neurotic Media marries download sales with value-added marketing services in order to motivate consumer behavior and increase client’s revenues. Online retailers, consumer brands, agencies, and content owners utilize the company’s data-mining tools, PIN code redemption services, PSMS and e-commerce services, API tools, hosted template CMS tools, and other proven methodologies supported by the Neurotic Media platform to produce measurable consumer responses and yield strong returns on investment. The firm’s proprietary Software-as-a-Service platform offers clients hands-on control over their service, full data transparency, and unique operational scalability.

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