Let It Go

Sometimes theNeurotic Media Intern Chris Caruso stars align and a song is just dropped into a person’s lap at precisely the time he or she needs it most.

During the last two hours of March 31st, I went through my first break up. I could have read the writing on the wall, but I still had stars in my eyes when it came to love, and was, thus, completely heartbroken. These feelings definitely did not make the thirty minute drive back to my house pleasant, and I made sure to exacerbate them by wallowing in the saddest love songs I had on my phone during that time. I cried, I listened to Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own”, and I had my disco moment.

Arriving home, I opened my laptop to the realization that it was finally April 1st, and that the single that I had been waiting eagerly for my favorite band, Dragonette, to release for weeks was finally out. In a fit of retail therapy, I immediately purchased “Let it Go” and set my headphone volume as loud as it could go. As soon as I hit play, I was blown away. The opening synthesizer line was exactly how the feeling of triumph would sound if it were to become music. Once the beat kicked in and I heard the line “We don’t need a cure for the weight of the world because it’s floating ‘round in the Universe / So take it by a string that you own and let it go!” from the chorus, I lost all urges to wallow in any kind of sadness. I took the advice to “blow the roof off” my life and channeled all of my energy into focusing on challenging myself to find my happiness and to better myself.

That very next day, I went running for the first time in months, and that next Saturday, I ran my first 5K race. On every run I went on, I played “Let it Go,” which acted as my own personal power anthem. Over the course of the next month, I ran over 100 miles and got into shape, successfully “letting go” of all negativity and sadness that had accumulated in my life. I thrived in school, I worked on an honors project for my Music Business class, and I applied for (and got!) an internship at Neurotic Media. As it stands, I am doing better than I ever have in my life. As a result of this choice to focus on myself, I am also the happiest I have ever been in my life.

I can only stop and think that this is all due to one song coming into my life at the perfect moment.

(Chris Caruso – Neurotic Media Intern)

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