How we helped move Neon Trees to Top 10

Neurotic Media’s Promotional Download Services Help Move Neon Trees’ “Everybody Talks” to Top 10. 

Neon TreesEarlier in 2012, Universal Music Group used our platform to support a promotional download of Neon Trees’ “Everybody Talks” as a component of a broader Buick promotion – via Buick’s Facebook page (for an episode of Celebrity Apprentice). During the 6 months that the spot has been running, “Everybody Talks” was lifted into the Billboard Top 10.

In a recent article, Billboard Magazine recognized Buick’s sponsorship of this promotion for having contributed significantly to the band’s success (see Billboard’s Nov. 3rd, 2012 issue – image below). The promotion was honored by Billboard as #7 of 100 platforms that “Move Music.” Quoting Billboard’s reasoning for the #7 spot: “High-Rotation TV Ad Leading Car Company: Neon Trees’ “Everybody Talks” missed the Hot 100 upon initial release. Then it made its way into a Buick spot and ended up in the top 10.”

There’s a reason why we use our slogan “Music That Moves”! While end users never know who we are, our platform is behind hundreds of branded promotions and campaigns every year that in one way or another weave music delivery into their engagement with their target audience. Neurotic Media helps clients move the needle on their marketing campaigns in a measurable and reliable way. It’s what we’re known for.  

We thank Musica for bringing this Billboard chart to our attention – Musica was the Music Licensing Coordinator for Leo Burnett Detroit in putting this deal together. We learned that the song was originally suggested by Allison Wood of Universal Music Group, and it was through her office that the license and promotion blossomed. Great stuff Allison! Keep them coming (smile).

View the Buick Verano spot with Neon Trees and their hit song “Everybody Talks” here.

For the Billboard article click here.

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