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ATLANTA, GA – December 17, 2008 – Neurotic Media, the leading provider of online and mobile download solutions, today announced that Hot Topic has integrated its Product API (application protocol interface) service, NeuroLinq™ Products, into ShockHound® (www.shockhound.com), the all genre music and social networking site, which contains a vast selection of play-anywhere MP3s, band merchandise, exclusive editorial content and online programming. This solution enables ShockHound.com to seamlessly integrate Neurotic Media’s vast digital MP3 catalog into ShockHound’s already extensive MP3 and physical merchandise offerings. In addition, Neurotic Media’s NeuroLinq API works well with ShockHound’s shopping cart, which is one of the first shopping carts to offer digital and physical goods simultaneously in the check out process.

Using NeuroLinq™ Products, Neurotic Media clients can choose to upload their own content, or to integrate Neurotic Media’s pre-licensed catalogs of music, ringtones, and videos from major and independent record companies into their online stores. Digital products such as MP3s, videos, images, text files, games, or even mobile products can be integrated into any current online store, and merged with other offerings and physical goods, all to be sold together through the store’s existing checkout process. Neurotic Media administers all sales reporting and payments to content owners on behalf of its clients, allowing clients to better focus on their core business and their brand’s interaction with consumers.

Stella Mowen, ShockHound® Manager of Label Relations comments: “The integration of the NeuroLinq™ Product API into our product database was an easy and smooth experience. The API solution enabled us to create an effortless consumer check out experience. The additional MP3s provided through NeuroLinq™ into ShockHound.com’s product mix will extend our digital offering enormously and be received positively by our customer base.”

According to Shachar Oren, CEO of Neurotic Media, the creation of NeuroLinq™ was a natural progression for the company. “Our hosted store management system provides our clients with a tremendous amount of customization options. However, some businesses already have a store infrastructure in place, or seek to integrate digital product sales into existing elements of a portal or a widget. They don’t need a hosted store service but rather seek to integrate downloads into their existing systems. NeuroLinq™ is a powerful tool that allows such companies to launch download services quickly and economically.”

About Neurotic Media:

Neurotic Media (www.neuroticmedia.com) is the market leader in online and mobile digital entertainment download solutions and is the digital platform-of-choice in the entertainment download marketplace, used in-house by major and independent record companies, brands and marketing agencies to empower private-label download distribution services. Neurotic Media’s Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) platform automates secure digital delivery (Web, Phone, etc.) of top-tier pre-licensed catalogs using turnkey private-labeled websites with integrated consumer data-mining services. Features include do-it-yourself content management services, store building and management tools (both Web and WAP), micro-payment e-commerce and premium SMS sales, unique code redemption services (for gift-with-purchase incentives and loyalty programs), and both online and mobile delivery options for a plethora of digital products and formats.

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