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ATLANTA, GA – June 4, 2009 – Neurotic Media, the leading provider of online and mobile entertainment download solutions, today announced the deployment of its NeuroLinq™ API Developer Lab, which offers developers free access to its API documentation and development tools from or directly at The NeuroLinq™ suite includes APIs (application protocol interfaces) for Product, Awards and Checkout functions, which can be used together or separately depending upon client needs. In total, these functions complete a turn-key solution for digital download fulfillment, e-commerce, and promotional campaigns. Existing Neurotic Media clients using NeuroLinq™ API services include websites such as Hot Topic’s and widgets such as

Since 2007, the NeuroLinq™ API service has been delivering digital products to consumers from Neurotic Media’s servers seamlessly, while allowing the brand client’s sites to remain the merchant of record. Clients can choose to upload their own content, or to incorporate Neurotic Media’s pre-licensed catalogs of DRM-free MP3s from major and independent labels into their own sites. This allows digital products to be merged with other offerings (such as physical goods) and sold through a store’s existing checkout process. Neurotic Media administers all sales reporting and payments to content owners on behalf of its clients, allowing clients to better focus on their core business and their brand’s interaction with consumers.

“Although our hosted digital store and promotion solutions are able to be customized at a very granular level, the flexibility that the NeuroLinq™ API platform offers a brand is extremely appealing,” says Meredith Marconi, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Since 2001, clients have been working with Neurotic Media as their back-end music and ringtone provider because of our unmatched level of service and support. We find they choose the NeuroLinq™ API because it enables them to control the entire consumer experience – the site creative, navigation, consumer information, and final transaction. The creation of the Developer Lab is a natural by-product of the success we have experienced with the API platform. It will enable our clients to get to market more quickly and economically.”

The NeuroLinq™ Developer Lab will be a useful service for portals, search engines, e-tailers, widget creators, plug-in developers, marketing agencies, and community sites who seek to access pre-licensed digital catalogs through their existing User Interfaces and through their own shopping carts, for both sale and promotional purposes. The platform also offers an e-commerce solution for widgets and applications that do not maintain a shopping cart. Using NeuroLinq™ Checkout API, clients can post payments through the Neurotic Media e-commerce solution. Such payments can include both Neurotic Media product payments and payments for other products being sold by the client. A similar service, NeuroLinq™ Awards API, enables clients to post PIN codes into the Neurotic Media system for code redemption services (including optional POS code activation at selected retail chains).

“Our NeuroLinq™ Developer Lab opens exciting new distribution avenues for record companies and for the online digital product community as a whole,” stated Shachar Oren, CEO of Neurotic Media. “Many existing sites, widgets and applications can benefit from plug-ins that simplify the integration process for their developers and provide a streamlined business model in support of their download offering. Our Developer Lab offers the first-ever free access to such API suite to allow developers to escalate their time-to-market by developing their solution far in advance of engaging Neurotic Media and content owners for business agreements. The Developer Lab also provides a Forum in which developers can share ideas with each other, and we encourage collaboration efforts in order to expand the use of our API platform in the marketplace and help diversify and expand the digital commerce arena.”

About Neurotic Media:

Neurotic Media ( is the market leader in online and mobile digital entertainment download solutions and is the digital platform-of-choice in the entertainment download marketplace, used in-house by major and independent record companies, brands and marketing agencies to empower private-label download distribution services. Neurotic Media’s Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) platform automates secure digital delivery (Web, Phone, etc.) of top-tier pre-licensed catalogs using turnkey private-labeled websites with integrated consumer data-mining services. Features include do-it-yourself content management services, store building and management tools (both Web and WAP), micro-payment e-commerce and premium SMS sales, unique code redemption services (for gift-with-purchase incentives and loyalty programs), and both online and mobile delivery options for a plethora of digital products and formats.

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