CM2OLDIES Launches Digital Entertainment Store

ATLANTA, GA – (September 9, 2009) – Neurotic Media, the leading provider of online and mobile entertainment download solutions and CM2OLDIES, today announced the launch of the online music and entertainment store. The digital store (in beta format) is found at and features over two million MP3’s from major and independent record labels, sold in conjunction with CDs and DVDs topping 20 million titles, which consumers can find in the unique and innovative Jukebox-like interface on the site.

The entertainment store is the only music source offering Baby Boomers single downloads, entire album downloads, CDs, vinyl records (LPS), ringtones and “retro” DVDs in one shopping experience that tailors the experience specifically for their generation. CM2Oldies marketing efforts are following a unique approach to the digital music space by applying proven “off-line” direct marketing formulas and product formats, such as database-driven affinity programs, to its marketing and promotions process. aims to serve the 50+ year old Baby Boomer market, seeking to become the destination of choice for Baby Boomers to get their music online in all formats. Record companies have vast recording catalogues of songs from the 50s to the 80s (and even older) which, with traditional record stores fading away and closing down, are not readily available to Baby Boomer consumers anymore. CM2Oldies will focus on marketing these deeper catalogs. In addition to music sales, will enable the Boomers to write blogs, meet new people that share their music tastes, and share photos and memories through a social networking platform that was custom-developed for CM2Oldies by Touchstone Webworks Inc. has integrated Neurotic Media’s NeuroLinq Product API (application protocol interface) into its site, which enables to seamlessly sell a vast digital MP3 catalog via its own designed and controlled e-commerce site. With NeuroLinq, digital products such as MP3s, videos, images, text files, games or even mobile products can be merchandised together with physical goods, all to be sold together through that store’s existing checkout process. Neurotic Media administers all sales reporting and payments to content owners on behalf of CM2 Oldies, allowing the company to better focus on its interaction with consumers.

“We are honored to be the digital download provider for,” said Shachar Oren, Neurotic Media’s CEO. “The overall user experience provides its customers is totally unique – a fresh new take on what a user experience should be about – tailored specifically to a demographic that historically has not been catered to by digital brands on the web or on a mobile device. It is precisely this type of well-targeted consumer experience that makes our job as a B2B2C vendor exciting – we help our clients innovate, and we’re proud to be part of a new model such as”

The founder of CM2Oldies, Wesley T. Wood says, “The newest sites online are social networking sites aimed at Baby Boomers and the ‘graying’ computer users. The number of internet users older than 55 years is roughly the same as those who are age 18-30 years (according to Nielsen/Net Rating). There are approximately 78 million Baby Boomers in the US alone and this market has, to date, been underserved online. will change that with its new entertainment and social networking offerings.” Phase1 test will be the North American market with a planned global roll out in 2010.

Mr. Wood is the President of Marketing Capital Corporation, the parent company of CM2Oldies, LLC (dba and the co-founder of Candlelite Music Inc., which was the largest re-packager of tier-two music in the 1970s and 80s, selling hundreds of millions of doo wop-type music products. Marketing Capital is a world leader in direct marketing, providing consulting services to the direct response and specialty retailing industry in eleven countries. The company also owns several direct marketing companies worldwide. The firm will leverage its in-house database of over 50 million opt-in names in order to build the music store brand.

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About Neurotic Media:

Neurotic Media is the market leader in online and mobile digital entertainment download solutions and is the digital platform-of-choice in the entertainment download marketplace, used in-house by major and independent record companies, e-tailers, brands and marketing agencies to empower private-label download distribution services. Neurotic Media’s Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) platform automates secure digital delivery (Web, Phone, etc.) of top-tier pre-licensed catalogs using turnkey private-labeled websites with integrated consumer data-mining services, as well as do-it-yourself content management services, store building and management tools (both Web and WAP), unique code redemption services (for gift-with-purchase incentives and loyalty programs), and both online and mobile delivery options for a plethora of digital products and formats. For more information please visit

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