Brands as (Music) Tastemakers

In 2011,Gary Eaton VP Sales Neurotic Media 90% of all US music sales came from just 2% of the albums released (Nielsen Soundscan).

For those that follow these trends, this isn’t new information or even perceived as a new dynamic. In fact, over the history of popular recorded music, a handful of artists / albums have typically always accounted for a majority of sales on an annual basis.

In today’s digital landscape, the ease and economics of access to recording technology and digital distribution has made it simpler than ever before for an artist to create and release a project. Here’s a little perspective: In 2011, there were almost 77,000 albums released which sold one copy or more (Nielsen Soundscan).

It seems like almost everyone is recording and releasing music – but is anyone actually being heard?

The truth is, the enormous pipeline of new releases is so expansive and vast that it’s a challenge for even the most avid consumer to stay up to date. This is a problem. It’s a problem for the artist who is struggling to gain an audience – and it’s a problem for consumers who don’t want to be exposed to all the new music (77,000 albums!?) – just the good new music.

Sure, radio is still a leading force in music discovery, but we all know how limited and narrow their playlists are programmed.

This problem creates a landscape of opportunity for brands. Consumers “may” feel loyalty to a brand, but they are passionate about music. Why not connect with that passion and become a voice of authority, a destination, a valuable filter in the eyes of your customers by exposing them to the good new music? This can take the form of an artist discovery program, pick of the week, song of the day, etc. Conversion, activation and loyalty will grow as result of truly connecting with the market you are looking to influence.

Whether a brand has a well-defined personality – or is simply looking to change their image or voice – music is a powerful tool that helps you express the brand attributes that you wish to emphasize. Music helps brands communicate to consumers in a language they understand – and create an emotional relationship.

Here at Neurotic Media, we have the technology and the music (millions of songs) to curate a campaign specifically for your needs. If you’d like to explore how this strategy might fit your particular objectives, please send us an email. We’d love to explore the possibilities with you.

(Gary Eaton – VP Sales / @garyeaton)

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