Big wheels and Christmas music

I caEarle Smithn remember during my 7th Christmas, I received a big wheel. Boy was I ecstatic! So much so, that I was allowed a one day reprieve by riding it throughout the house as soon as I got it – attempting donuts and all by applying the plastic brake as hard as I could! The reprieve lasted three minutes…

To me, Christmas isn’t about receiving gifts; it’s about celebrating the birth of Christ, being thankful that I have the ability to put a smile on the face of someone else – and make their holiday as joyous as it was for me when my grandparents put one on mine that day.

Christmas has a special place in my heart and I have an appreciation for what drives my Holiday spirit and creates joy in my life: It’s by far the music! Hearing a favorite Christmas song, or remembering a specific place or event when a Christmas song comes on – there’s no substituting that. The power of music makes the holiday season an enjoyable one for me every year.

(Earle Smith – Neurotic Media Production & Merchandising)

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