Neurotic Media’s Neurolinq™ API Services

The world’s most powerful and widely used business-to-business music distribution platform is now available to you to develop mobile apps, web sites, widgets, and games – supporting music download sales, giveaways, locker services, and streaming services, coupled with metadata, previews, album covers, bio links, recommendations, and many promotional services.


Why Neurolinq?


The option of building the in-house capacity to license, ingest and process into a DB, host, deliver, and report on millions of MP3 files costs millions and takes years to build. Various business models such as e-commerce, m-commerce, subscriptions, PIN code redemption, POS card activation, all these elements are expensive to code and maintain as well. Licensing music from content owners is an expensive and time consuming process as well. Ultimately, to do all this in house would take several million dollars and over a year of work.

NeuroLinq is an enterprise-class solution for firms that seek to outsource these functions to a third party. NeuroLinq enables you to get to market quickly and economically, providing a solid choice for any CFO, CIO, and CTO that are evaluating how to launch such services for their company, may you be a start-up or a Fortune 500 brand. NeuroLinq provides an economy of scale, allowing companies to leverage our patented, multi-million dollar platform for a fraction of the cost of trying to do it all in-house.


Who Should Use Neurolinq?

What type of coders do we expect to see registering and working in this Developer Lab?

  • Developers from retailers, marketing agencies, and other consumer brands that can make use of Neurolinq services and seek to build a demo pilot for internal evaluation prior to engaging Neurotic Media with contracts and specific pricing discussions
  • Developers from start-up companies who are building innovative solutions such as mobile applications and web sites that seek to design a demo pilot as a proof of concept for their new offerings prior to making a contractual and financial commitment
  • Developers of middle-ware solutions such as plug-ins that can synch Neurolinq services with other existing popular software suites such as OScommerce, Drupal, Yahoo Stores, Magesto, WP and other such business-to-business solutions, which they may then post for other developers’ use

Developers only need to apply for a Neurolinq Client Account when they are ready to engage us in a contractual and financial relationship. Otherwise, feel free to develop to Neurolinq at will and share your innovation with others in our Forum.

Neurotic Media is interested in learning of new ideas of how our Neurolinq API suite can be put to use by innovative developers. Please share your work with us – you never know, we may find you a partner or a client to work with!


What Does It Cost?

  • Access to Neurolinq’s API guides is FREE. Just browse from our menu on the left.
  • To receive a Developer API KeyID, we ask that you register and create an account in this lab. This, too, is free.

Once you are ready (with a functioning beta), opening a Neurolinq Client Account will involve negotiating an agreement with Neurotic Media and paying service fees. You don’t have to worry about the latter until you’re ready to apply. At that stage, the business model will involve three pricing components:

  • One-time setup fee: The exact number will depend on which section of the Neurolinq API suite you use and if your service requires any customization of featured services
  • Recurring monthly fee: The exact number will depend on the specific metrics of services you elect to use
  • Delivery fees: Per-download and/or per-stream content sale/delivery costs, code redemption costs, e-commerce merchant banking costs, are all applied in the end of each calendar month, again depending of your service metrics

Generally speaking, the costs for a service that uses tools and licenses “off the shelf” without considerable custom services will be in the five figures per year. If this sounds amicable to you, please proceed and register to receive your Developer APIkey ID.


How It Works:

Step 1 – Study the API Guide: We provide free access to the API Guidelines from the menu on the left. All services are listed with detailed specifications.

Step 2 – Register for a Developer Account: Creating your FREE Developer Account so you can have access to the Neurolinq API Developer Lab data. To create a (free) account, just go to our Registration Page, fill out the form, and click Submit.

Step 3 – Fill up a Client Application: Once you are ready, complete our Client Application Form, which is also available from the left navigation bar. You will be asked to provide basic information about your company and submit a brief description of your upcoming music service and business model, marketing plas and traffic and revenue projections.

Once this application is submitted, a Neurotic Media Sales Representative will contact you to discuss your needs and to work towards a service proposal. Once details are agreed upon, you will be invited to execute a service agreement with Neurotic Media.

Step 4 – Content Owner Approval Process: Upon signing our service agreement and paying your setup fees, you become an official Neurotic Media client. The next step is for Neurotic Media to process your service request through all participating content owners (record companies, and if applicable, publishing partners and PROs) and to obtain approval for your company/brand. This process normally takes two to four weeks. Once enough record companies have approved you so that we can provide you with critical mass catalogs, we will launch your account.

Step 5 – Technical Setup: In this final stage, we provide you with…

  • Your own unique store API KeyID for your Neurolinq services (a unique key per territory)
  • Your own login credentials into our admin platform, coupled with a basic training session and a manual
  • You’re good to go! At this stage you’ll go live with your NeuroLinq API service(s).

Estimated time table:
Developing applications and stores with Neurolinq API normally takes two to four weeks – it ultimately depends on your number of resources and their skillset, and on how complex your service requirements are. You may file your application for a Merchant Account at any time during this process. Correspondence with our Sales Representatives to complete your service plan and agreement will take no longer than a week. Once you sign your agreement, expect to get a basic catalog feed within seven to ten days, with the rest of approvals coming through within 2-4 more weeks, for full deployment about a month later.