An end to new music?

Back in the 70’s, when I was around the age of 10 or 12, I remember hearing a story on the news that we would soon be reaching a point where no new music would be composed. Supposedly, an “expert” had way too much time on his hands, got out his calculator, and boldly determined that every possible combination of notes and words would be achieved in the near future. 

Gary EatonFor a kid that was moved by music early on and started his first band in the 6th grade, this was horrible news. I was crushed… devastated actually. Was I seriously going to be stuck listening to the same music over and over again for the rest of my life? Would I have a chance to write a decent song before we ran out of notes and words?

Seems rather silly now – and I’m wondering if this “expert” ever retracted his prediction. But it goes to show how important music is to many of us, how deeply it moves us, especially during our formative years.

Not too long ago, I saw research that claimed that by the time the majority of adults reach age 40, their listening habits primarily consist of songs and artists they already know.  So, the expert was wrong – but for a large segment of people, his prediction still came true. Ironic, isn’t it?! Well, when we reach 40, we’re often just too busy to discover new music.  This has historically been a huge challenge for the music industry (informing established fans of established artists’ new releases). However, technology provides us with many great solutions for this challenge. People can discover new music that moves them using Recommendation Engines.  We here at Neurotic Media use our database of millions of transactions to recommend what similar shoppers liked – i.e. “other people who like this also purchased the following…”.

There’s no shortage of good new music that moves people, emotions and actions. Keep listening. Keep discovering. (By Gary Eaton, Neurotic Media VP of Sales).

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