All Work and No Music Makes Stephen A Dull Boy

Stephen Lam

To borrow a well known phrase, “All work and no music makes Stephen a dull boy.”

Although I have no musical ability, my entire life revolves around music.  Music is my way of connecting with others…it’s also my way of “getting away” from the world. The feeling I get when a song comes on that relates to my life is profound.  Music to me is a way of life and without music it wouldn’t be a life worth living.

Since I started my internship at Neurotic Media about a month ago, I have learned a lot about merchandising and marketing online stores as well as how to operate their vast computer system database.  Merchandising and marketing music has actually helped expand my musical palette and increase my willingness to listen to different types of music.  I have discovered a few new artists along the way such as singer-songwriter Randy Montana and Australian indie rock band The Temple Trap.  Both have two very different sounds, but after I gave them a listen I enjoyed branching out of my normal pop/rock/alternative comfort zone.

As an intern, I’ve been able to experience working with great, hardworking people who love what they do and encourage my work.  And I’m excited to learn as much as I can about music and marketing while I’m here.

(Stephen Lam – Neurotic Media Intern)

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