A perfect karaoke place, a perfect karaoke song

Do you feel shy and nervous to sing karaoke even though you always wish to go to the karaoke place?

I wasLing Zhu always wondering why my colleagues feel too shy to sing karaoke while they are quite confident in speaking in public. In contrast, I am quite open in karaoke but shy to speak much in public. The answer is that American karaoke is quite different from Asian karaoke. In normal American karaoke, you need to sing to everybody, all the friends and strangers in the public room. And everybody is staring at you when you are singing. However in Asian karaoke, only your friends can listen to you in a smaller but private room. Inside this separated room, there are always bigger screens, fancy spinning lights, drums, bells and computers. When you sing, your friends can find many ways to get involved, support you and enjoy themselves even though your singing skill is not that good. So no worry for them if you miss the notes or can’t reach the high pitch!

If you still feel a little nervous even in Asian karaoke, then pick the song “Jingle Bells” first. We have tried this song several times and it brings most fun every time. Everyone, old and young, men and women, American and non-American can sing this song with you. Interesting enough, everyone just can’t stop clapping hands or even dancing in lines with its rhythms, especially when it comes to “Hey jingle bells, jingle bells.” Can’t believe it? Try once during this Christmas holiday!

(Ling Zhu – Neurotic Media Developer)

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