A huge eye opener

Bianca HighMusic has always been a vital part of my life. Everyone in my family is musically inclined, so naturally I followed suit. My parents cultured me with music way before my time, so I grew up listening to everything from ABBA to Zeppelin and my music taste is pretty diverse as a result. By the age of 10 I learned three instruments and was eager to learn more. Now I play a total of seven instruments and continue my education in music theory so that I may continue create my own music. Music will remain a priority in my life because it has had such a deep impact in the person that I am becoming.


My experience at Neurotic Media was a huge eye opener, and I enjoyed learning about what the company does. I was unaware of how much work goes into creating download stores and mobile services. My first assignment was to merchandise the online store for one of the company’s major clients. The process was very interesting and allowed me to see that new content is constantly being released so it is important to keep it updated. I learned how to create a website and test features within mobile music apps. It may sound trivial, but yes, someone has to make sure each and every aspect of any particular app actually works. I found it fascinating to dive into the apps and discover how they operated. Also during my internship I had the ability to attend company staff meetings which provided me with a deeper knowledge of how Neurotic Media operates.


Throughout my time with Neurotic Media I have gained pertinent skills relating to the music industry that can be applied in everyday life. My experience has expanded my mind to possible career choices in the industry as digital music steadily rises. (Bianca High, Intern).

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