Holiday Gratitude from the Desk of Neurotic Media’s CEO



This Holiday season, I’ve spent a good bit of time reflecting on how proud and thankful I am of the entire Neurotic Media team. With their hard work and dedication, we have accomplished so much this year. 2015 was another year of growth for us and our customers. We successfully launched our mobile-first, device-agnostic hosted services, and we completed our move to the cloud with the move of our DBs into Azure, so we are now 100% cloud-based. As a thank you, my wife Melissa and I though it would be fun to treat everyone to a tour of our local SweetWater Brewery, followed by an authentic Italian dinner at Alfredo’s.

BreweryBundled in our warm coats and holiday sweaters, we were taken deep into the heart of the cool brewery to see the inner workings of the brewery machine. The beer tasting was great, but we saw a billion times more than beer. This operation was a total beast. Huge machines, massive pipes, the most passionate people working around the clock to deliver beer of the highest quality. They were constantly moving, doing, checking, expanding. Their lights were always on. Heaters, coolers, freezers, bubbling machines from floor to ceiling and gears. We were in awe of the scale of this operation, humbled too. As we passed by a stack of about a million cans waiting to be filled, our tour guide invited us to take a few as souvenirs. Apparently the empty cans make good pen holders for desks before they put the lids on. I reached out to give one to my wife, and she turned to me and said, “Wait, this is exactly like a music download.”

Suddenly the whole place looked different to me. This was so much more than a brewery tour. We had traveled deep into the heart of a machine much like our own. We were looking right at the guts of what we do every day.

When you lead a technology company, it is often hard to explain to people the complexity of what you really do. Our offering puts much of the complexity behind a curtain. We make our client’s lives simple. That’s the point. That’s what we’re selling. But the truth is, much like this brewery, we own and operate massive machines, we have to constantly keep our eyes on these gears and valves. We are full wall to ceiling of music downloads just like each and every can in the brewery. We are the passionate people who work twenty four hours a day to ensure quality. We are constantly moving, doing, checking and expanding. Our lights are always on.

On a local brewery tour, I was able to more deeply appreciate the value of my team, their hard work and dedication, their commitment to our success and all that they do. I am grateful to the entire Neurotic Media team, for our customers, for our partners, for our investors and for every friend and family member who has ever supported us in our journey. Thank you for keeping our future bright and wishing you a prosperous 2016.

— With Gratitude, Shachar Oren, CEO.


SweetWater Cans


NM at SweetWater 2


SweetWater sign


Company Holiday Dinner 2015