An amazing experience

Savannah "Savi" KnightFor most people, high school is four years of meeting friends and waiting to graduate and get out of your parents’ house; for me, it was four years of fighting for a dream they didn’t believe in.  I had kept my career plans more to myself to avoid the family criticism of going a less than traditional business route.  My entire life I have loved music – from serenading patrons at the beauty parlor to picking out my classes at Kennesaw State University for their Music Business Program.  Growing up in a small town south of Atlanta is not the place for big dreamers. Most of the people moved there to avoid the expenses of the city or have their family roots there.  I, however, had much bigger plans which is where my story begins.

Dr. Lyn Schenbeck, who taught me “Intro to the Business of the Arts Class” at C.E.C., told me about a past student of hers that ran a music business.  I was immediately interested to see what the business had to offer, because to me, any experience in the music business was better than nothing.  That December I went into her first block to listen to Shachar Oren, Neurotic Media’s CEO, speak about his company – and I knew that’s somewhere where I wanted to be.  I gave him my resume and cover letter, and almost immediately got a response from Becka Hardy, Label Relations and Account Management.  I started working on January 22nd – and from there on, I have learned things from how to start up a business to how to merchandise different stores and how to create a website.

At Neurotic Media, you are taught through everyday tasks at the company.  Around the office are pictures of websites that have been created for various customers and that you will learn to replicate.  Most of what is done at the company is for its online stores and apps, and you learn where to find the new and/or best music out there along with who owns what when you suddenly can’t seem to find an album you just merchandised.  Along with learning what label owns what catalog, you have the chance to sit on calls with the labels and learn first-hand what goes on during a business call.  Shachar is also very interested in how his interns are doing and will talk to you to see how your experience has been, as well as allow you to listen in on calls with other businesses.  You also learn to create websites through CSS and HTML5, which is a lot harder than the small website you made when you were 13 and bored one night.  If there is anything I can take from here other than theoretical experience, it is the knowledge of how to create a good looking, functional website.

The past four months working here have been an amazing experience – from the people to the knowledge I’ve gained.  As a high school student, I can’t be more thankful to have even had a chance at a company like this, especially in the music world.  Everything that I have learned here I can take with me on my journey into the music career I have chosen.

(Savannah “Savi” Knight, Intern)