The stealth company

Alex Mathis-PorterAs a business-to-business service platform, Neurotic Media is a company that is seen and not noticed. People don’t think about how the music they download to their mobile devices or computers get there. They don’t worry about how much work is put into making sure the customers never lose their music. I was completely unaware of all the hard work that goes into a simple free download site – such as, for example, one prepared for the latest Katy Perry single.

I enjoyed the engagement, especially learning what the company does and how I could truly help in a measurable way. One of the first assignments I had was to look up hits from the 50s-80s. I found my morning being very enjoyable looking up hits from the past and composing playlists and recommendation lists. I next learned how to edit websites’ and music apps’ features for the company’s client brands. I was able to sit in on company staff meetings and gain insight into how this small but powerful company runs. I was also able to help with a major project they had in place for the holiday season.

I left this internship with great pride in knowing that I can share with colleagues some of the amazing projects that Neurotic Media is handling for the music industry and which I have had the pleasure to personally impact.

(Alex Mathis-Porter, Intern)