Neurotic Media’s CCA Music Showcase

Join us for Neurotic Media’s CCA Music Showcase This Sunday – featuring The Grahams!

The GrahamsWhen: CCA Chairman’s Reception, Sunday September 15, 7-10PM

What a better way to kick-off your Annual Convention experience than a poolside celebration at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.  Networking opportunities abound as CCA’s Chairman, Michael Prior, welcomes everyone to CCA’s Annual Convention!  Don’t miss a special musical performance by The Grahams!

The Grahams combine soulful bluegrass with hints of earthy Americana, adding colors from both traditional folk and country blues, into an infectious blend of storytelling.  It is sure to be a ‘do not miss’ performance!

Announcing Atlanta’s First Music Startup Academy

Music Startup AcademyJoin us, together with co-presenters NARM/, on October 4 as we bring the Music Startup Academy to the GTRI Conference Center in Atlanta GA!

This full-day course has been hailed as a great industry primer for musicians, marketers, entrepreneurs, junior level executives, technology teams, marketers, and business development teams looking for fresh new ideas. This talent pool is rarely available for such an affordable price – possible here thanks to all involved volunteering time and resources to provide students and entrepreneur with an affordable platform.

The exciting agenda includes keynotes from Coca-Cola and Priceline executives, as well as panelists from Turner, IdeaDen, SESAC, Sony, Warner Music Group, and more!

Space is limited, so please secure your seat early at


Take a look at the agenda below and be sure to reserve your seat:

9 AM
Coffee & Networking

10 – 10:30 AM
Opening Keynote

  • Jeff Hoffman, co-founder Colorjar; serial entrepreneur, including founder and CEO of and producer of the hit horror film Cabin Fever; advisor to The National Council on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

10:30 -11:15 AM
Music Business 101: Content Ownership And Monetization
The music business at its core is not about selling CDs, downloads, or subscriptions, but about selling intellectual property – IP – in various configurations and monetization schemes. However music is packaged, presented and sold, there are several stakeholders with legal rights to portion of the revenue. In Music Business 101 we will cover the basics of IP ownership and how the different parties interact with one another and with other segments of the industry.

  •  Moderator: Shachar Oren, Neurotic Media
  • David Barbe, University of Georgia Music Business Program
  • Yi Ping Ho, Warner Music Group
  • Peniece M. LeGall, SESAC
  • Shawn Nolan, Jonathan E. Leonard, P.C.

11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
The Digital Supply Chain: How To Source Music Digitally
Offering licensed music in a store, an app, or a subscription utility involve a lot more than just negotiating and signing a license contract. On the heels of such an achievement, a new business needs to consider the operational aspects of content ingestion and maintenance. There are multiple options available, from doing it all yourself to outsourcing it to a vendor. We will address the basic concepts and action points involved and how they affect your bottom line.

  • Moderator: Bill Wilson, NARM/
  • Alison Booth, Sony Nashville
  • Todd Jones, Neurotic Media
  • Christopher Read, Sony DADC

12:15-1:15 PM

1:30-2:15 PM
Music Marketing: What Goes Into An Artist’s Successful Marketing Strategy
A significant portion of the “new music economy” that is emerging this decade is built around directly serving the needs of the artist. With distribution itself no longer being an obstacle, the real challenge for an artist today is getting noticed. While large record companies assemble or create their own technical toolsets and leverage deep pockets for marketing and PR, independent labels and artists lean on various start-ups that provide a growing number of DIY tools. On this panel, we will explore what it takes for an artist to successfully market an album and to build a carrier, and the role technology plays in it today.

  • Moderator: Shachar Oren, Neurotic Media
  • Sterling Bacon, Red Light Management
  • Dale Manning, IdeaDen
  • John Stringer, Musician,
  • Bradley Tomlinson, Reach Records

Second Keynote

  • Joe Belliotti, head of Global Music Marketing in the Worldwide Sports, Entertainment & Partnership Team, The Coca-Cola Company

2:30 – 3:15 PM
Music & Brands: Driving Engagement With Music Fuels Innovation And Revenue
With the demise of music retail, brand partnership has grown in significance this decade as a critical revenue source for many artists. Music is a great engagement tool for brands, driving price point, perception, and ultimately purchase. It allows brands to develop a lifestyle, emotional connection with their consumers. Most Fortune 500 brands use music in activities covering advertising, reward programs, and incentives – driving engagement, consumer insights and product purchase. We’ll hear from some of the stakeholders in this economical food chain about what fuels their music business.

  • Moderator: Nikki Barjon, The Barjon Group
  • Joe Belliotti, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Nick Purdy, Paste Magazine
  • Janet R. Wade, Turner Entertainment Group

3:30 – 4:15 PM
Georgia Tech Center For Music Technology Presentation
Presented by Dr. Gil Weinberg, Director of the GA Tech Center for Music Technology, the presentation will focus on music technology entrepreneurship – a field that brings together artistic creativity, technological innovation, and business acumen. Dr. Weinberg will present new musical instruments and robots he developed at MIT Media Lab and Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology and will explain how entrepreneurs bring these products to market.

4:30 – 5:15 PM
Start-up Corner: Learn From Peers About What Works And What Doesn’t
For every success story in music and high-tech there are dozens of stories about failed start-up attempts. We invited several local music industry start-ups to share their “war stories” with us, how did their start-up come about, get funded, and grew to its present stage. Learning from past mistakes and past success stories is invaluable to any entrepreneur who seeks to launch a successful business in this space.

  • Moderator: Lisa Love, Georgia Department of Film, Music and Digital Entertainment
  • Jamie Dwyer, TicketAlternative
  • Simon Horrocks, Affix
  • Brian McCourt, FreeAllMedia
  • Mike VanBeneden, Mowgli/Songster

5:30 – 6 PM
Show Me The Money: How Can Businesses Lead To ROI
Music start-ups have been funded over the years by multiple stakeholders, from angel investors and institutional investors to industry-insiders such as artists, producers, executives, and record companies. In this panel, we will discuss what motivates potential funding sources to make a favorable decision about a funding opportunity.

  • Moderator: Tino Mantella, Technology Association of Georgia
  • Randall Foster, FOCUS Investment Banking LLC
  • Tuff Yen, The Seraph Group