The future of social media

Twitter FightIn a struggle to monetize their operations and drive pragmatic value for shareholders, some social networks start appending themselves to traditional media business. With Facebook aggregating traffic and ad money the way it can today, more and more web 2.0 companies start aligning with traditional and larger industry. Is this the future of “social” – to become a channel for our corporate media? 

Social networks are credited for freeing the distribution of knowledge. At the same time, in the past decade or two, traditional media has sold out to corporations and represents, today, clear political agendas of various constituencies. Information is largely exposed through a tightly monitored sphincter. Are we destined to lose the openness of the web over time to these corporations?

Or does it really come down to the belief system of each company’s founders? If Facebook’s founder was no longer at the helm, would Facebook remain as open? And is our communication sphere really a collection of individuals and their unique influence on us? Turner, Murdoch, Zuckerberg, etc.? The “free media” always in the hands of individuals driving policies about how we communicate and what we think we know after watching or reading “the news”… what the hell do we know?

With respect to the mentioned alignment with old school broadcasting, think Breaking News, Shazam, now Twitter – this is an interesting article about the latter, via Gigaom.

(Shachar Oren, CEO)