Let It Go

Sometimes theNeurotic Media Intern Chris Caruso stars align and a song is just dropped into a person’s lap at precisely the time he or she needs it most.

During the last two hours of March 31st, I went through my first break up. I could have read the writing on the wall, but I still had stars in my eyes when it came to love, and was, thus, completely heartbroken. These feelings definitely did not make the thirty minute drive back to my house pleasant, and I made sure to exacerbate them by wallowing in the saddest love songs I had on my phone during that time. I cried, I listened to Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own”, and I had my disco moment.

Arriving home, I opened my laptop to the realization that it was finally April 1st, and that the single that I had been waiting eagerly for my favorite band, Dragonette, to release for weeks was finally out. In a fit of retail therapy, I immediately purchased “Let it Go” and set my headphone volume as loud as it could go. As soon as I hit play, I was blown away. The opening synthesizer line was exactly how the feeling of triumph would sound if it were to become music. Once the beat kicked in and I heard the line “We don’t need a cure for the weight of the world because it’s floating ‘round in the Universe / So take it by a string that you own and let it go!” from the chorus, I lost all urges to wallow in any kind of sadness. I took the advice to “blow the roof off” my life and channeled all of my energy into focusing on challenging myself to find my happiness and to better myself.

That very next day, I went running for the first time in months, and that next Saturday, I ran my first 5K race. On every run I went on, I played “Let it Go,” which acted as my own personal power anthem. Over the course of the next month, I ran over 100 miles and got into shape, successfully “letting go” of all negativity and sadness that had accumulated in my life. I thrived in school, I worked on an honors project for my Music Business class, and I applied for (and got!) an internship at Neurotic Media. As it stands, I am doing better than I ever have in my life. As a result of this choice to focus on myself, I am also the happiest I have ever been in my life.

I can only stop and think that this is all due to one song coming into my life at the perfect moment.

(Chris Caruso – Neurotic Media Intern)

Our Payment Wallet’s Benefits

Neurotic Media’s hosted store services shun the use of a shopping cart in favor of a payment wallet. In the case of “the download tribe”, the ease of use of a “wallet” account-based workflow increases the average spend per consumer per visit, and keeps consumers coming back for more.

Shachar OrenHere are important details about the ins and outs of the wallet solution offered by Neurotic Media’s Hosted Store Templates:

The conventional check-out process in a shopping cart takes 7-12 clicks from product selection to download, as consumers place products in their cart and later have to visit the cart and work through a check out process of several pages.

By comparison, our wallet solution calls for a simple, one-page data submission during your first visit to a site. 

This short setup process then leads to a VERY SHORT click-to-download count of steps, specifically THREE (3) clicks for a new user and TWO (2) for an existing logged-in user. As you may know, every added click on the internet is another spot where users leave, so it is important to minimize steps as much as possible. Our wallet/account system clearly optimizes the workflow and uses the least steps possible to lead a user to their downloads, in both purchases and reward redemptions.

Specifically, here’s the step-by-step count in our system:

  1. You click to purchase a product
  2. Second click to “Confirm” on the button
  3. We take you to the Create Account form. Fill up the form on this page to create your wallet, and Submit/Save….

DONE. You will return to the product page and the download will initiate. Continue to browse while the download takes place.

Now that you are logged in with an existing account, choosing another product is this simple:

  1. You click to purchase a product
  2. Second click to “Confirm” on the button

DONE. The download will initiate. Continue to browse while the download takes place.

Our workflow differentiates our services from many others and contributes to stronger conversion results for our clients. For an example, visit our showcase store. We’ll be happy to address any questions you may have and provide sample reward codes, simply call us at 404.688.6858.

(Shachar Oren, CEO)

Download Managers and Apps

Neurotic Media’s services do not require any download or installation from the consumer, none whatsoever.

This has always been a very important point for us: We offer a ubiquitous, software-agnostic web-based service. We leave it for the consumer to decide what player, jukebox or app they use to play MP3s on. We focus on “conversion” and insert as little friction as possible between the music fan and their music.

What follows are the specific technical details about how we administer downloads:

–          When it comes to downloading tracks, we allow the browser to simply administer the download process, using a simple DHTML DIV window to instruct the consumer to “save as”.

Album Download Manager–          When it comes to downloading an album with one click, the flow is a bit different, but also explained in the DHTML DIV window we display when the download initiates:

  • We default to a one-click that uses a “Java Runtime” Download Manager we built. The vast majority of computers “come with” Sun JAVA Runtime pre-installed (it’s free). A small portion of consumers may have to update their free Java Runtime, while another small portion – especially on older Apple computers (Tiger iOS) – may not be able to use it at all.
  • For the latter constituency, we offer an alternative, which is to go to “My History” page and re-get all the tracks one by one, which again simply happens through the browser as explained earlier.

Using Java Runtime is not a perfect solution – but when reviewing Google Analytics, we can see that neither would be solutions based on Flash, Adobe Air, or Silverlight. This is because no 3rd party technology option covers 100% of the user base in the marketplace. There are many different operating systems and version out there with a variety of 3rd party apps that may be supported on various levels. That IS a challenge for B2B companies such as us.

Java Runtime allows us to deliver a one-click album download throttling experience to the largest possible portion of existing consumers (almost 90%). We chose Java Runtime since it is the most ubiquitous of options to allow a simple, “neutral looking” multi-download manager without forcing the lion share of consumers to install anything at all. Our Java Download Manager is very elegant in functionality, creating the album folder and properly numbering all tracks in it.

–          We continue to evaluate other options for a “download all” in one click that may improve on the Java Runtime option. As of today, Java Runtime is still the best option we have identified, although his may change down the road… To clarify, ALL other options would involve the following negatives:

  • Require an installation of a full application by the user (Flash, Adobe Air, etc.) or an update (since Flash and Air have so many variations and constant updates)
  • And/or require an ActiveX execution on PC and a similar process on iOS, these are the sorts of apps that many consumers see as risky and may not want to install at all, which would negatively impact conversion rates for our clients

Having said that, if you represent a marquee BRAND, it might very well be worthwhile to consider an ActiveX app (and similar in iOS code) in line with the download manager utility amazon.com uses. We can create this for you if you so desire, and if you represent a trusted brand where offering such an install is unlikely to impact consumer behavior.

(Shachar Oren, CEO)

Retail Fundamentals and Our API Services

Shachar OrenNeurotic Media is the only music distribution service able to deliver exclusives to specific retailers in our syndication chain. Being able to administer exclusive promotions that drive measurable lift in sales is critical for online retailers’ success in deploying new digital music initiatives – and this means that our API features are increasingly important in today’s competitive market.

Our patented platform allows record companies to manage, on a very granular basis (an album or a track), on a PER-MERCHANT basis, values such as:

–          Product availability window (i.e. assigning a product exclusively to you)

–          Product pricing (i.e. discounting a product exclusively for you)

–          Free/promo (assigning a free download just for you)

–          Pre-order with instant gratification (producing such an event just for you)

These elements are fundamentals in retail.

Not only is Neurotic Media the only B2B vendor supporting such services – we do, actually, own the patent on it: US Patent 7,693,914.

Neurolinq Open API Developer Lab

If you are in market seeking an API service, we encourage you to compare API features in detail (the devil is in the details!) and ensure you understand the various value-add-services Neurotic Media provides compared with other options. Our Neurolinq™ API suite includes the following values – all on a pure white-label basis that allows you to control branding, consumer data, and pricing:

–          Product sourcing and selling, both XML SOAP and JSON RESTful options, HTTP posts etc. covered

–          E-commerce, so you may use us for PCI-compliancy and minimize cash outlay on your own IT

–          Awards services (reward / PIN code redemptions, POS card activation optional)

–          Similar product and artist Recommendations

–          Artist Wikipedia bios, social media links and Tweeter handles

–          Pre-Order with Instant gratification – a promotional tool that drives considerable sales: Consumers may pre-order an album and receive the single immediately, weeks before album street date

–          Exclusive sale parameters: This relates to the patent mentioned above, covering options such as exclusive enhanced bundles (including various digital asset types), exclusive pricing discounts and pricing windows for your store alone, exclusive promotion assignments, etc.

–          Access to real-time reports, including API in/out transmission logs, downloads and sales reports, consumer data reports, all available 24-7 and exportable

–          CMS via API, allows you to leverage our permission-based Admin portal to manage your own site/app feature controls and real-estate via the API toolset

–          Consumer info and order info API “get” commands for your own reports

–          CRM module: Permission-based login for your customer service representatives

Combined, our technical services and admin portal provide online merchants with unmatched control over their music download services, coupled with marketing tools and services that allow merchants to work with record companies on meaningful promotions that drive significant revenue lifts.

Call us today for more information at 404.688.6858.

(Shachar Oren, CEO)