Cloud-Based Platform

We offer access to music using a Software-as-a-Service enterprise-class solution

Our patented, proprietary platform provides a suite of complete, cost-effective media download solutions, which our customers administer hands-on via our permission-based portal

Cloud-Based Platform

Neurotic Media’s platform includes the embodiment of our patent, which addresses a unique business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) relationship across the entire chain of content owners, merchants/brands, and consumers (so-called “Hosted Model”).

By combining our dedicated account management and expert client service with innovative core technology, we help our clients improve participation and conversion rates, build customer relationships, grow revenue, and significantly improve return on investment.

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Multi Platform

Multi-Platform Support

Deploy multiple User Experiences to support a holistic service and reach your target audience on multiple screens

Create once, deploy everywhere: Merchandise your site once, and see your placement choices automatically populate multiple templates

Our ability to support projects across multiple platforms offers scale and relevance to any customer and brand. You can reach your target audience everywhere with one site and one rewards code list, one product set and features. One voice, one brand, one streamlined operation.

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Merchant and Store Management

Merchant and Store Management

A comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) enables Merchants to administer sites hands-on

Our services are optimized for digital product sales, code redemption campaigns (vouchers, credits, gift cards, incentives), and various product promotions

Administer your stores’ unique catalog selection, product features, pricing, and promotions. Neurotic Media’s system allows changes in each and every aspect of a store’s feature product placement, style sheet, and general look and feel, as well as retail prices. Features include product previews, quality product recommendations, and automated linking to product data sources such as Wikipedia artist bios, artist social pages and Tweet widgets, and more.

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Digital Catalog

Digital Catalog Management

Our robust, granular product management capabilities allow content owners to manage the entire life-cycle of their digital product with ease

Securely administer your metadata, files, and products – including price, positioning, and availability/release windows on a per-merchant basis.

We ingest new music daily, constantly, though automated data feeds – and also allow for manual content upload and data entry.

We support multiple product file types based on service requirements.

We allow you to administer exclusive offers, enhanced bundles, pre-orders with instant gratification singles, and various other promotion models.

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Data Insights

Real Time Data and Insights

Providing mission-critical, actionable transparency for decision makers

Up to the minute sales reports, code redemption reports, ranking reports, and consumer data are available to all stakeholders via our admin portal around the clock.

This is where the rubber meets the road – being able to understand the results of one’s work, measure the return, and understand how to continue and optimize your work to drive faster growth.

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Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself

Our Music-as-a-Service platform places control in your hands, with immediate access to your projects and to your data

We offer unmatched scalability with tools such as customizable site templates, auto-piloting tools, testing tools and more.

Customers can administer their own web sites, including merchandising, creative design, price and positioning, PIN code list administration, and report generation. Sites can be deployed within minutes, eliminating time-to-market delays and adding significant operational scalability for our customers.

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E-commerce and M-commerce

E-commerce and M-commerce

Our trusted, PCI-compliant system supports micro-payments with both online and mobile transaction tools

We allow customers to customize their merchant banking choices and their mobile billing choices, as the case may be.

Our transaction wallet system is a piece part of our platform (not a third party add-on), fully integrated into our CRM tools. This enables us to customize the merchant banking integration based on each customer’s needs.
We also support gift card POS activation integration through existing integration paths with the likes of First Data Valuelink, Incomm, and Blackhawk.

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PIN Codes

PIN code Redemption Campaigns

Comprehensive reward codes system supports credits, tokens, vouchers for rewards, incentives, and sweepstakes

Unmatched flexibility around PIN code list creation and administration.

Customers can upload their own code lists, or generate lists on our platform – from 8 characters short to 14 character long, alpha-numeric and non-sequential codes. We also offer indexed code lists which can be generated using 15-20 characters, for larger campaigns.
Customers control all code list parameters, such as start and end date, value per code, maximum redemptions per list, and more.

Codes can be generated for two types of “value” configurations:

  1. Virtual Credits (used for incentives, rewards, value-add promotions)
  2. Monetary Value (used for pre-paid gift cards)

Both may be integrated with POS activation vendors such as Blackhawk, Incomm and FirstData

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