Neurotic Media helps brands influence consumer behavior
using popular artists and songs

We provide music that moves consumers to respond to your call-to-action, may it be purchasing your product, signing up to your email list, following you on Facebook, or any other consumer activation or rewards program that is part of your marketing strategy.

Music moves us. It makes us dance, sing, laugh, and sometimes even cry. Music is a powerful driver of perception and action.

Brands who harness the power of music can do extraordinary things. They can change brand perception, win hearts and minds, drive loyalty – and ultimately, drive dollars. We offer brands Music That Moves. Our music moves people, product, price point, perception and purchase. Our measurable impact and actionable insights make brands smarter. We curate the moments in which music drives action. So how can we provide Music That Moves YOU?

P.S. Interested in our history?
Read this Blog post to see what we’ve been up to since launching in 2001…

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Our Customers

Neurotic Media serves a wide variety of customers across several industry sectors

Our customers are Fortune 500 retailers, mobile carriers, consumer brands and services, and record companies who seek to efficiently leverage digital music to drive measurable results while protecting their consumer data and brand’s interests.

Customers engage us to gain access to licensed catalogs, which customers in turn leverage under a variety of business models. Some customers want to sell music downloads or subscriptions to all-access music services. Other clients seek to drive consumer behavior and engagement with the universal power of popular music. Record companies themselves have found our platform instrumental in helping them monetize their catalogs through various partnerships in the marketplace, may those be brand partnerships, retail partnerships, or serving the needs of their artists and managers with technology-enabled access to recorded music. The broad variety of engagements and business models keeps our work ever-exciting as we get to serve thousands of brand initiatives every year.

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Meet Our Team

Neurotic Media is managed by seasoned executives with specialized, industry-specific expertise


Shachar Oren 2016

Shachar Oren, President and CEO

I was fascinated by music from a very young age. Growing up in the immigrant melting pot that is Israel, I was fascinated by my Yemeni neighbors who danced passionately as if in a trance while drumming on a simple tin pickles can; by my Moroccan neighbors who sang as a group to Arabic music; and by my Russian neighbors who played odd folk music really loud on their convertible car stereo. How can such different sounds move such inherently different people to express a similar passion? I was also surprised to see my 5-months old sister dancing, bobbing her head up and down to pop music: We didn’t teach her that! Was she born with dancing in her genes? Are we all born this way? Later on, I was moved by how boundaries came down between Israelis and Palestinians in dance clubs and concerts. Even in sport event there is team-based divisiveness in the crowd. But in a music concert, everyone in the crowd is on the same team.

My interest in learning more about music brought me to the USA where I studied Music Industry and Production at Georgia State University (B.S. School of Music, 1995). I worked in radio a bit (WRAS), as well as in A&R and marketing roles (Ichiban Records till 1998). I ran my own indie label for a while as well (Shoestring Records). Over the years, I developed a passion for the creative process as well as a fascination with the business process of the music field – with how and why people listen to and consume their favorite music. I knew this was my carrier path moving fwd: Figuring out how to deliver music to people in ways they enjoy and appreciate, ways that move them in a positive way.

I first got involved in doing so digitally in 1998 at Amplified Holdings (Senior VP, International Business Development). When the opportunity came to establish my own company in 2001, I knew what will become Neurotic Media’s core mission: Helping content owners and brands deliver music that moves fans to action.

Since music connects with fans emotionally and lifestyle- wise, it has the power to motivate consumers to take action, may that action be purchasing music from an online retailer or a mobile carrier, registering on a brand’s site or social media page, or purchasing a specific brand’s product because of the way the it associated itself with music the consumer loves. In the past decade, we’ve learned how to achieve these goals with various strong technological solutions. Our strong expertise remains in the essence of working with music itself, and helping our clients infuse their marketing strategy with the raw passion that only music can deliver. Music moves.

David Strickland

David Strickland, CTO

David is a hands-on senior executive that has scaled up technology infrastructure successfully for several early-growth companies in recent years. At My Dealer Lot (MDL), he successfully migrated the platform from SQL to open-source Mongo within a month, increasing capacity and reducing costs. David joined Neurotic Media in 2016 to help drive a scalable roadmap that accommodates our fast growth and meets the needs of our present and future customers in a resilient manner.

David boasts 22 years of experience designing and implementing effective technology strategies and leading high-caliber teams. From December 2009 thru July 2010, he served as Vice President of Development for Code Ready Solutions overseeing internal development for CRM, VOIP, Stock Analytics, and Business Intelligence. From October 2008 to December 2009, he was Chief Technology Officer for Simtrol (SMTRL).

From 2006 to 2008, he was Sr. Vice President of Development for Swingvote, Inc., a shareholder material communication company and electronic voting platform, and from 2004 to 2006 he was Director of Technology for Singlecast Technologies, a provider of compliance and supervisory technology to support Sarbanes Oxley regulatory requirements.  Mr. Strickland also held previous management positions with Manhattan Associates, a supply chain solutions provider, and M&M/Mars Snack Foods.

David is a member of MongoDB’s Customer Advisory Board.

Todd Jones

Todd Jones, VP of Operations

Todd Jones was raised in the music industry, his father working on the marketing side and his mother in radio. He grew up enthused by both music and technology and became interested in digital music in his early teens. His awareness of the issues surrounding digital music, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Mass Media from Goucher College (and a semester abroad studying in the music business department at the University of Westminster, London), helped him acquire a job at Neurotic Media in 2005.

Todd first worked with us as an intern, and was then hired right after graduation into our Production department. He has moved up through the company and for the last several years has been managing day to day operations. Todd is administering content ingestion, ongoing production and operational duties, and technical training for company clients.

Evan Rogoff

Evan Rogoff, CFO

As chief financial officer, Evan is responsible for financial, operational and administrative matters for the company. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a former Certified Turnaround Professional who has been working with rapidly-growing technology companies for over a decade.

Previously, Evan was the founder and President of a boutique consulting firm providing strategic and financial advice to early-stage software companies. His clients collectively raised over $100 million of capital and were honored in the Deloitte & Touche Fast 50 program. Before that, Evan was the Chief Financial Officer for a venture capital backed software company which was successfully acquired. Earlier in his career, Evan was on the management team of an IPO candidate internet company and also manager in the corporate financial consulting practice of Arthur Andersen. Evan graduated with high distinction from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Brandt Bridges

Brandt Bridges, Senior Developer

Brand is an expert technology professional with over twenty years of experience, including Architect, Lead, Developer and Analyst roles with a focus on Microsoft technologies targeting any device or client type. He brings to Neurotic Media expertise with the full software development lifecycle, utilizing leading modeling and object oriented methodologies and tools. He is also, BTW, a drummer and has played in various bands around Atlanta over the years.

Brandt’s experience includes work at IBM, Delta Airlines, Turner Entertainment, ABM Industries, Heidelberg USA, SolTech Inc., Universal Mind and Vignette Corp.

Jimmy Pugh, Developer

Jimmy is an Information Systems and Project Manager, as well as a Database Administrator with extensive experience in leveraging human resources and their technical skills to achieve business objectives. He brings a proven track record to Neurotic Media, supporting all aspects of application systems from development through maintenance and support. Jimmy joined Neurotic Media in late 2016 and immediately started deep-diving into reports and ingestion work, among other, varied development needs.

Prior to Neurotic Media, Jimmy worked at Infinite Networks, CodeReady Solutions, Matrix Resources, Global Payment Systems, and Stedman Corporation.

John Boynton

John Neal Boynton, Controller

John manages the everyday accounting and finance functions for Neurotic Media. He is responsible for billing and collecting receivables, remitting payments to vendors, processing royalty statements and payments to record companies and publishers, managing payroll and benefits, managing cash and financings, and preparing financial reports for MGT and for the Board.

After graduating from Georgia State University in 2011 with degrees in Finance and Accounting, John joined The Athletes Foot Franchising. It was here, working for the subsidiary of Intersport, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, that John learned solid fundamentals for policies and procedures. He is one of the newer members of the team, having joined Neurotic Media in early summer 2016 – and is excited to be involved in an industry he feels passionate about.

Amanda Thornton

Amanda Thornton, Director of Accounts

Amanda joined us in 2015 as a Production Assistant, and has handled customer service, Q&A and production services for a year.  As of September 2016, Amanda is assuming the exciting role of Director of Accounts.  She brings to bare considerable experience in music campaign productions, having spent several years freelancing in live music events – from Artist Relations, Production Coordinator/Assistant, Live Event Coordination and Management, to Marketing and Promotions.

Amanda has worked with Shaky Knees Music Festival, Shaky Boots Music Festival, Imagine Music Festival, All Good Festival, CounterPoint Music Festival, TomorrowWorld, the Georgia Theatre, Terminal West, New Earth Music Hall, Green Room and many more.

Adam DeVour 2016

Adam DeVore, Production Director

Adam handles many production tasks at Neurotic Media, everything from the front end user experience to the back systems and functions.

Adam is a lifelong musician with experience in the music industry from many angles. He studied History at Georgia State University, and worked his way through school DJing and playing guitar. While in college he was the General Manager at WRAS, the most powerful student run music station in the US.

After graduating, Adam began working for the Popular Music Archivist at the Georgia State University Special Collections and Archives, where he got to marry his love of history and music while honing his skills with ancient records and musical databases.

Jin Seung, Production

Jin joined Neurotic Media in late 2016 to assist the production department and quickly assumed several key responsibilities including report generation and submission, site merchandising, content ingestion and site production work. Prior to joining Neurotic Media, Jin served as the key administrator and IT support person for Miss Art, Inc. He also assisted in the production of several TV shows at Crazy Legs Productions.

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If you’re passionate about making a difference and working with a company that shares that drive, we’d like to hear from you

Neurotic Media is innovating in the digital entertainment marketing services industry. Our goal is to provide the best download services and products possible. If you share our commitment to excellence, then we’re looking for people like you to join our team.

For more information about career opportunities at Neurotic Media, or to submit your resume, please contact careers at neuroticmedia.com. Thank you for your interest.


Available Position:

Production Assistant, lover of music, and strong advocate of good consumer experiences (full time) – Neurotic Media (in Atlanta GA).


Investor Information

Neurotic Media is a privately held company headquartered in Atlanta, GA USA

We welcome your interest in our growth opportunity.

For investor information, please contact us via email at info at neuroticmedia.com or via phone at
404-688-6858 x 2.

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